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Amiad Water Systems Ltd. is a global producer of automatic, self-cleaning water treatment and filtration systems. Amiad produces and sells water filters and filtration systems mainly to industrial, urban and agricultural customers but oil and gas companies are also among its customers. Its filtration technologies are designed to effectively treat and filter water. However, the company generates most of its revenues through the sale of efficient and smart irrigation systems. Amiad currently generates 50% of its sales through irrigation technologies which are mainly used in agriculture. In order to strengthen this segment, Amiad entered into a partnership with Netafim, an Israeli water technology company with the main focus on artificial irrigation systems. Amiad has also focused on the development and marketing of environmentally friendly filtration solutions for a broad customer base. The company operates through several subsidiaries in the USA, China, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Mexico and roughly 75 other countries around the globe. In 2018, Amiad acquired the full ownership of its Indian subsidiary and has since then focused more on the already huge water problems India has been facing. Due to its geographical location, Amiad is quite present in the Middle East and North Africa, regions where farmers are increasingly facing droughts. In 2020, Amiad received the Green Economy Mark by the London Stock Exchange. The award has been introduced to identify companies that derive at least 50% of their annual revenues from products and services that contribute to a greener, more sustainable economy.


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