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AS Tallinna Vesi is the main water supplier of the Estonian capital Tallinn and provides water service to more than 400 000 people in Tallinn and in several neighbouring municipalities of Tallinn. Consequently, it is also responsible for the wastewater treatment in the city with two own treatment plants. In addition, it also operates as a water supplier in some neighbouring cities. The company covers the entire water cycle and additionally offers services for the analysis of drinking water and wastewater. The water infrastructure sector, another business area of Tallinna Vesi, accounts only for a small share of sales. Here Tallinna Vesi builds water and sewage pipes through its own subsidiary Watercom on behalf of construction companies, municipalities and individuals. Besides, it is also active in asphalting roads. The company is the biggest water utility in Estonia and claims to be the leading water company in the Baltics. The company has the exclusive right to provide water and sewerage services in Tallinn until 2025. Currently, 87.0% of the revenue consists of the sales of water services and 13.0% of the revenue consists of construction and other services sales. Shares of Tallinna Vesi are solely listed in Estonia and Germany.


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