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BEWG is a state-owned-enterprise and derives most of its revenue from constructing and operating sewage and reclaimed water treatment plants in China. Beijing Enterprises Water Group specializes in water service and is primarily engaged within the waste water treatment sector. The company is part of the conglomerate Beijing Enterprises Holdings Limited, also a stock company and controlled by the city government of Beijing. In principle, the core businesses of BEWG include operations in sewage water treatment services, construction services for the water environmental renovation, technical services and sale of machineries for water treatment as well as water distribution services. In 2013, Beijing Enterprises Water bought the Portuguese drinking water supply and wastewater disposal system from Veolia Environment for 95 million Euros, investing for the first time in the European water market. In 2018, BEWG strenghtened its global presence with the full purchase of Trility Group, a water utility service provider based in Australia and New Zeeland. BEWG is, after market capitalization, one of the largest companies in the water sector in China and has strong ties to government entities resulting in better access to financing support even amid tougher scrutiny around public-private partnerships.

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