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Founded in 1887, Gelsenwasser is a regional water utility for residential, industrial and commercial customers, operating in more than 70 cities and towns. It is one of the largest drinking water suppliers in Germany. In addition, the sewage disposal belongs to the business of Gelsenwasser. Thus, the subsidiary AWS GmbH is active in the industrial wastewater treatment for various companies. The main shareholders are the Dortmunder and Bochumer municipal utilities, which took over the majority shares in 2003 from E.ON AG. Wasser und Gas Westfalen GmbH, which in turn is held 50% by Stadtwerke Bochum GmbH and 50% by Dortmunder Stadtwerke AG, holds 92,9 % of the water utility. However, Gelsenwasser is also heavily involved in the energy supply sector (electricity and natural gas). Gelsenwasser is the water provider for currently about 2.4 million people in Germany, but the majority of sales is achieved through the sale of natural gas. Currently, ‘only’ around 20% of the revenue is generated by water sales, while the vast majority comes from gas sales. Gelsenwasser is solely listed on the stock exchange in Germany.

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