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Mueller Water is a manufacturer of water infrastructure, flow control and repair products for use in water distribution networks and wastewater treatment facilities. Mueller Water Products is a leading provider of products and services for water distribution management and the inspection of water infrastructure systems. MWP has a wide range of patented products under its various brands. In January 2017, the company announced the sale of Anvil International, which manufactures components for piping systems. With the divestment, the company has been fully concentrating on water infrastructure since then. In addition, the company offers products for the detection of leaks, products to assess the condition of water pipelines as well as so-called Advanced Metering Infrastructure products. MWP is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and mainly active in the USA, but it also has branches in Canada and China. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, Mueller Water Products is one of the companies that would probably greatly benefit from the government´s plan to extensively invest in the partly rotten US water infrastructure over the coming years.

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