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SABESP operates water and sewage systems in 369 municipalities in the state of Sao Paulo and serves about 28 million people directly with water and provides sewage collection services to around 22 million people. It is the largest water and sewage company in Latin America, based on number of customers. SABESP is a government-related entity (GRE), as the state of Sao Paulo is its controlling shareholder, with a 50.3% equity stake. SABESP was founded in 1973 and is regulated in its operations and tariffs by the São Paulo State Sanitation and Energy Regulatory Agency – Arsesp. Sabesp shares can be bought through the ADR program. ADR’s are depositary receipts which are traded on international stock exchanges on behalf of the respective stock. ADRs are entitled to dividends, have no voting rights and the depositary is allowed to charge up to $0.05 per ADR/year.


Brazil – Water Utility