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Sabesp operates as a water and wastewater utility in around 375 municipalities in the state of Sao Paulo, supplying water to around 28 million people and taking care of wastewater disposal for around 22 million people. In terms of the number of customers, it is the largest water and wastewater company in Latin America. Sabesp is a state-owned enterprise, as the State of Sao Paulo is the majority shareholder with a 50.3% share of the capital stock. Sabesp was founded in 1973 and is regulated in its operations and pricing by the state sanitary and energy regulator Arsesp. In 2019, the government at the time had announced plans to privatize Sabesp, but these were never made concrete. However, privatization of the company continues to be discussed and analyzed today. Sabesp shares can only be purchased outside of Brazil through the ADR program. ADRs are depositary receipts traded on international stock exchanges in the name of the respective share. ADRs are entitled to dividends but have no voting rights. The depositary is allowed to charge up to $0.05 per ADR/year.

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