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Severn Trent is one of the largest water utilities in Great Britain and also deeply rooted in the wastewater treatment sector. The company is divided into two divisions: Severn Trent Water supplies approximately 4.3 million people in the UK with drinking water and is also active in sewage disposal. The second division, Severn Trent Services, provides water and wastewater treatment solutions and recycling for private and public customers as well as for utility companies worldwide. Severn Trent is part of the FTSE 100, the most important stock index of the UK. In November 2016, the company announced that it would acquire Dee Valley Water, a water utility in Chester and Northeastern Wales with around 260,000 customers, for £ 78.5 million. As a result of this acquisition, Severn Trent continued to significantly expand its position as a supraregional water utility company in Great Britain.

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