Xylem Stock Price - PrudentWater

Xylem Inc. can be seen as the ‘big player’ in the water market with a well diversified water product portfolio ranging from solutions to tighten the pipes of the world’s water supply, installing sensor-driven, software-enabled technologies which are able to reduce losses to solutions to treat wastewater more efficiently and helps cities cope with flooding and other water-related consequences of climate change. The company is a world-leading water technology provider and primarily operates in the areas of water / sewage transport and infrastructure, analysis of water quality, treatment of waste water and process optimization. For example, it sells analytical instruments, water regulators, pump stations, valves, heat exchangers as well as control and filtration technology in more than 150 countries. With the acquisition of Pure Technologies in December 2017 and other “smart infrastructure” takeovers in the last years, Xylem has been able to carry out strategically and long-term important acquisitions, significantly expanding its business in the area of water infrastructure. These acquisitions also include innovative technologies and patents that help Xylem to locate and inspect fragile, dilapidated and defective water infrastructure pipes. Customers of Xylem come from the industry, the agriculture and the building technology. However, municipalities also play a huge role as buyers of Xylem products. Consequently, this diversity in terms of products and customers gives the company a certain independence and protection from the global economic development. In sum, Xylem owns a very strong position as a provider of water and wastewater infrastructure equipment and services across the water market with more long term acquisitions expected in the coming years.


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