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York Water is a small-cap water utility in the mid-Atlantic. It operates as a water and wastewater utility in York County, Pennsylvania and nine other municipalities in Adams County, Pennsylvania. York Water was founded back in 1816 and has paid a continuous dividend ever since. However, the business model has changed little over that time. Water is collected, treated and ultimately delivered to end users in communities throughout York and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania. In other words, York Water operates as a traditional water utility serving more than 210 000 people. Its operations are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in the areas of billing, payment procedures, dispute resolution, terminations, service territory and rate design. York Water is the oldest publicly traded utility in all of the United States and also has the longest dividend history in the nation. York Water offers a business model that is largely independent of economic cycles. As a result, York Water’s dividend yield has correlated positively with the yield on 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds in recent years.

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